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Fume Collectors


Easy-Trunk and Porta-Trunk Source Fume Collectors

  The Donaldson Torit Easy-Trunk and Porta-Trunk are portable weld fume collectors with an 8-foot Flex-Trunk   Fume Weld Fume Extraction Arm. The Easy-Trunk fume collector features a built-in filter cleaning system while the   Porta-Trunk fume collector is a manual filter cleaning system. Both collectors offer compact size, high filtration   efficiency, plug and go operations for intermittent-duty to light production applications. Both fume collectors of   them can easily fit through any standard doorway, just place into position, plug into the wall, flip a switch, and  start welding. 


Ambient (AT-3000) Fume Collection System

 The Donaldson Torit AT-3000 is a self-contained, continuous cleaning fume collector ventilation system for use   when source capture isn’t possible. Ceiling mounting allows this unit to be placed in a wide variety of sites that   were previously inaccessible to high-efficiency dust collectors. Ultra-Web® FR fume filter cartridges are the heart   of the AT-3000 and ensure that only clean air is recirculated back to your plant. 


Trunk 2000 (T-2000) Source Fume Collector

 The Donaldson Torit T-2000 source fume collection system is designed to handle one or two welding stations   using Flex-Trunk weld fume extraction arms and recirculate clean air back to the workplace. It is designed for   overhead mounting and is equipped with automatic pulse cleaning for continuous-duty production welding   operations. 


Weld Bench

 The Donaldson Torit Weld Bench combines a robust, #7 gauge work surface with high-efficiency Ultra-Web®   FR fume filter cartridges. The Weld Bench utilizes four Ultra-Web fume cartridges with highest filtration efficiency   of 99.999% on 0.5 µm particles. 


Weld Fume Extraction Arm

The Donaldson Torit Weld Fume Ex-Arms capture dust, fume, and smoke produced in industrial processes and   extract the dirty air from the worker’s breathing zone. The Ex-Arm is extremely easy to position, virtually   maintenance free, and features a 360˚ free rotation with smooth, low-friction maneuverability that engages   positively when positioned. It is available in either: bench or overhead mounting configuration, a choice of 4”, 6”   and 8”diameter and extends up to 14’ long. The Ex-Arm is the standard weld fume extraction arm on all Donaldson   Torit fumes collector products Donaldson Torit weld fume extraction arms are the easiest to position and require   the least maintenance of any weld fume extraction arm on the market.