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Bag collectors

woodworking cement grain chemical food processing applications RF bag collector dust

RF Baghouse Collectors

 Donaldson Torit RF Baghouse dust collectors are designed specifically for the high air volume and heavy dust  loading that are common to woodworking, cement, grain, chemical, and food processing applications to name a  few. The RF bag collector handles extremely heavy dust loads of up to 70 to 100 grains per cubic foot. A single  RF  baghouse dust collector handles the bigger volumes of dust with just one hopper compared to a traditional  square baghouse with multiple hoppers – a benefit that translates to easier installation. 

The Donaldson Torit Dalamatic dust collector automatic reverse-jet fabric filter  high collection

Dalmatic Dust Collectors

The Donaldson Torit Dalamatic dust collector is an automatic reverse-jet fabric filter dust collector. It is most   suitable for continuous process applications involving heavy-duty product recovery, or collection of large   concentrations of nuisance dust, where high collection efficiencies are required. The Dalamatic baghouse dust   collector comes in two models: the Dalamatic Cased is a stand alone bag collector and Dalamatic Insertable is a   versatile bag collector that can be inserted into various applications, such as bins, silos, bunkers or transfer   points. 

Donaldson Torit Modular Baghouse dust collector MB  crane time high air volumes heavy dust loading

Modular Baghouse Dust Collectors

 The Donaldson Torit Modular Baghouse dust collector is a simple, reliable dust collector. Modular Baghouse dust   collectors are designed to ship in major assemblies and load onto standard trucks with double drop trailer beds.   This facilitates rapid field installation and limits crane time. The Modular Baghouse dust collector is designed to   handle applications where high air volumes with heavy dust loading are the norm. 


HP Baghouse Dust Collectors

The Donaldson Torit HP Baghouse dust collector is a baghouse collector with a technical edge. It is designed to   handle intermediate-to-high air volumes and low operating pressure drops. Lower capital investment, installation   and delivery costs are the result of the unique Powerflo™ cleaning system, which allows for a significantly higher   air-to-media ratio, resulting in smaller overall system size. 

Donaldson Torit Unimaster dust collector shaker-type compact applications

Unimaster Dust Collectors

The Donaldson Torit Unimaster dust collector is an economical and effective solution for a diverse range of   nuisance dust problems. The Unimaster bag collector is a compact shaker-type, intermittent duty collector with a   wide variety of configurations and dust collector bag materials to suit many applications. 


Cabinet Dust Collectors

 The Donaldson Torit Cabinet dust collectors provide reliable and economical solutions to in-plant dust and smoke   control problems. Its efficient, compact design covers a wide range of bag collector applications. Replacing dust   collector bags has never been easier with the new, one piece EZ filter Pack.™ The Cabinet bag collectors are   available in variety of sizes 54,64,66,75,81,84, and 90 series. 


Downdraft Bench – DB-800

The Donaldson Torit DB-800 Downdraft bench is compact and ergonomically designed for finishing small parts. It   combines a heavy gauge, welded cabinet and direct drive fan to provide years of trouble free service. Hinged   side panels allow for longer than normal work pieces. 


Cyclone Collectors

Donaldson Torit Cyclone dust collectors are typically used to collect coarse or large particles produced in high   dust loading applications, such as woodworking or machining. Cyclone collectors are also used for product   recovery of fine dusts, like powdered paint. Cyclone dust collectors are mechanical separators that use the   principle of centrifugal force to remove particulate from the airstream.